Portable Drives for Phones doomed to Fail!

We have come a long way with storage over the past 10 years, drives have gotten smaller, larger capacity, declining price per gig etc and we are in many instances able to take our desktops with us on a USB Memory sticks.

I have no doubt that the memory manufactures are working hard to get mass storage into mobile phones. But until they can design something that is small and lightweight, not a battery pig and drop proof very few people if any are going to carry around a external hard-drive for the cell phone.

I don’t care how cool it is or if the device can be connected to the phone wirelessly. Lets be honest if your in a location that you can plug in a external hard-drive your also someplace that your laptop of PDA can be used.

I am sure some geeks will want the device, but come on just get the storage inside the phones and be done with it. Source: Wired