No High Defenition Super Bowl in Hawaii

The big box advertising circulars here in Hawaii have been full of ads promoting high definition TV’s for the Super Bowl and running some very impressive sales getting everyone thinking they need to have HD for the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Well a bomb shell was dropped on the community in the paper yesterday because apparently the station that is carrying the Super Bowl here in Hawaii has no High Definition channels.

When I called some local big box stores I asked them if they had been informing those coming in looking for HD Televisions that the Super Bowl would not be shown in Hawaii in HD. Of the 5 stores managers I talked to all were dumbfounded that it was not going to be available.

When I mentioned that is sounded like some serious false advertising, I was told the flyers had disclaimers in them.

One thought on “No High Defenition Super Bowl in Hawaii

  1. Ouch … that hurts. I just bought a new HDTV last weekend and I would be a little disheartened to say the least if i found out that I couldn’t even watch the Super Bowl on it in HD.

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