Flickr Users are not happy!

FlickrWhen Yahoo purchased flickr people were happy for the team. But new policies instituted by the owner have some people beyond mad.

It is to bad really as it seems that Yahoo continues to be a company that has their hands in a lot of things but does few of them very well. To see what people are saying check out

One thought on “Flickr Users are not happy!

  1. Of course Thomas Hawk is happy to fan the flames, CEO as he is of Zooomr, a photo site trying to position itself as the heir to Flickr.

    I signed up for Zooomr thanks to all the TechCrunch hype, and found it practically unusable. Advertised features don’t work. And there was no way to contact support or find help. I’m not the only one who resorted to posting our service questions to Thomas Hawk’s blog… and of course got ignored, anyway. What kind of “Web 2.0” company hides from its users like that?

    I’m and “Old Skool” Flickr user, and have no complaints or problem with the Yahoo! authentication change. Hell, they’ve told us this was coming for over a year — and I for one transitioned almost immediately. More than 3,000 friends? Using more than 70 tags per photo? Are you really friendly, or just looking for clicks?

    This is much ado about nothing. The brouhaha is embarrassing because of who’s raising a stink and how quickly the blogosphere is piling on.

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