Second Life Island Prices who are they kidding!

Ok I want to break down the first year cost of owning a full sized Island in Second Life and compare that to real world server prices. Second Life Prices as of Nov 15th.

  • Setup $1675.00  + (12 Months * $295.00) = 5215.00 the First Year!

Dedicated Server at with Geek5 promo code

  • Setup $0000.00 + ($75.64 * .15 Discount) * 12  = $771.60 Per Year

Lets see how many Servers I can get at Godaddy for a year for $5215.00

  • $5215.00 / 771.60 = 6.7 Servers

Now the Question I have to ask Linden Labs why in the heck are your Islands so Expensive it looks to me even with taking some profit that your prices from a hardware perspective are beyond nuts! The Question has to be asked as well is why is the setup fee so high. I bet the integration time is probably 15 minutes at tops. [c|net]

Info: In Second Life my name is the Same as in RL “Todd Cochrane” see you in SL