GotoMeeting + Talkshoe = Awesome Live Event

Today we had our 18th Live Event over at, and over the past several months we have been experimenting with different audio services. Last year we started out with everyone dialing into a phone bridge, that graduated to a Phone Bridge coupled to a Skypecast. Everyone migrated to the Skypecast, but the problem we had was the line noise. Speaker Feedback, people not muting there mics etc it was not the perfect solution. But today we had a TalkShoe Session coupled together with a Skypecast for Audio and of course using GotoMeeting for the Interactive portion of the event.

I muted the Skypecast listeners, and for the most part allowed all of the TalkShoe participants to chat online and left their lines open. This worked out amazingly well. We had a large number of people connect via the stream. My initial estimates is that we had our largest live audience ever.

The comments I am getting in my e-mail tonight is totally awesome, because those on Talkshoe could chat and also watch the presentation while the presenters where covering their topics. During the next Tech Podcast Round table we have I am going to record the Live event as we normally do, but also screen record the talkshoe client, because the back channel stuff was AWESOME, unless you were there at the event seeing both elements as it went down you will not understand the total coolness factor of this.

I just need to figure out how to do a two pane flash presentation to get the GotoMeeting Live Content, and the back channel on the same final video. The Audio and Video we will release over the next 24 hours will not be able to replicate the experience people had today but I am pretty pumped up about the way the presentation went down. For those running two screens on their PC’s it was even better. [TalkShoe] [GotoMeeting]

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