TV is Dead I agree with Steve Gillmor


Steve wrote a pretty accurate post that was entitled TV is Dead. Nearly everything he said in the post is true, and while I love Movies I do not watch any of the regular prime time TV series. Well except Dog the Bounty Hunter via my DVR.  In fact a newsgroup I belong to was recently talking about Lost and Heroes. When I mentioned I must be the only person on the planet that has not watched either show. Their were a number of responses back from other people saying that they had never watched the programs either. It’s odd you would think with Lost being filmed here in Hawaii that I would take a bigger interest but it’s nice to know others don’t waster their life away in front of the TV.

Who has the time to watch TV today when their are so many other fascinating thing to do. I must admit that when the TV is on it is usually on the HD Discovery channel. My kids are fascinated by that channel (its better than mindless cartoons). So maybe TV is not a 100% dead but most of the lame programs are simply their to suck the life out of you. [Steve Gillmor]