Top 5 Wired Countries

IbmThe premises of this post is to ask you to consider why the United States barely made the Top 5 list. The questions to ponder is it because the telco industry has been slow to roll out access? Is it because the United States has a large rural population? Is it because that companies like Sprint, Verizon, Cingular have a very hard time getting licenses to put you transmission towers? Is it because these other countries have been quicker to adopt Fiber to the Curb?

I contend that it is all of the above. I can only hope that in time we regain the top spot and that Internet connectivity is so readily affordable that even those on the tightest of budgets can afford Internet connectivity. [IBM]

One thought on “Top 5 Wired Countries

  1. When we moved from the city out to the near-country three years ago, we were told by Southwestern Bell that we couldn’t have DSL, it wasn’t available. I live in a fairly busy area that is considered the “suburbs” of St. Louis. Why the heck couldn’t I have DSL? We got lucky, they were just extending it, and within a few weeks of moving we were back up and running. The service is good here, because not too many of us are sharing the nodes. I am paying extra for “business class” rather than regular home class, as we regularly have five machines online surfing at the same time. It’s been good so far, but as the area builds up, I worry that service will go lacking at some point.

    My mother, who lives on the other side of the county from us, cannot get DSL and they don’t know when they’ll have it there, so she’s stuck on dialup. She is in a rural area, but still. This just makes no sense to me. The US should be at the TOP of the list. My friends in England and Germany have better service than I do!!

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