Netscape could make it easier for Video Podcasters

NetscapeI love what Jason and his team have done over at Netscape you can submit Video to their site, not only do they convert it and make a iPod ready version for those that only want to produce a single version but they also provide you a hyper-link to the original file you upload.

YouTube does not do this, and this one of the reasons why all of the Videos that the Tech Podcast Network produces, and selected special content that is making it’s way onto the community will be also submitted to Netscape. We are going to add some functions to Blubrry that make it very easy to submit hotpicked content to Netscape.

Jason, Netscape could have made it easier to submit their content by allowing us to provide the physical URL to the current file location versus having to upload it again then you could have pulled the file. From my perspective it save me time uploading and you will get more selective quality content. []