has customers ISP modem turned off!

HostforwebI received a IM from a member of our team at RawVoice. He was pretty upset. It seems a month or so ago he was having trouble with his hosting company so he asked me about virtual dedicated hosting servers over at GoDaddy. He was at a breaking point with HostForWeb.comfor what he thought was excessive unreliability so he decided he would buy a Virtual Dedicated over at GoDaddy and started moving his domains to that new server.

In the process of setting up the new VDS over at GoDaddy he port scanned the VDS to see what ports were open. Apparently during that process he may have accidentally scanned the server he was on at as well, although that was not realized until this afternoon.

Well it has been 30 plus days since he was doing the transfers of those domains to his new box at Godaddy. So you caught my point on it being over 30 days right? Well today 30+ days after all of this Time Warner shuts down his modem because the folks at reported that his IP was scanning ports.

Turns out Level 3 service at Time Warner was able to determine that the machine reported as being scanned was the same machine that my buddy hosted on. Luckily one domain was still active on host and the Level 3 Tech at Time Warner was able to figure out that this was not a deliberate hacking attempt. Not that port scanning is a hacking attempt in itself.

So it turns out that not only had some server issues which caused the customer to leave the service, they also had his ISP shut his modem off. Talk about showing a leaving customer some love. So my advice is to stay away from this hosting company with a 10 foot pole, and real hackers have nothing to worry about as it will take more than 30 days for their activities to be detected.

The hosting company should have known what was up, customers login and their IP’s are logged everytime there should have been some due dillegence done by the hosting company instead of taking 10 minutes to do some cross checking they now get some love back at them.