GoDadddy Fights for Accountability from ICANN

A GoDaddy Representatives testified before congress today in raising questioning ICANN recent deals with Verisign.

“Go Daddy® General Counsel Christine Jones testified today before a Congressional subcommittee that is reviewing current governance of the Internet and the future of ICANN, the international oversight body. Jones’ testimony pointed to a pattern of conduct by ICANN and .COM manager VeriSign® which has violated the trust of Internet users worldwide and threatened consumer confidence in what has become an integral part of the international economy.”

“Unfortunately, ICANN has yet to commit to or is unable to commit to openness, transparency and accountability. The manner in which the new .COM agreement was negotiated is a relevant example of ICANN and VeriSign getting together, off the record, creating a mutually beneficial policy, and then boldly announcing that they had made a decision without input from stakeholders,”

It is very obvious to me that ICANN and Verisign are very much in bed with each other and in the long run what will happen is the cost of domain names will increase and we really cannot say anything about it. Verisign has become one of those institutions that is part of what I refer to as the good old boy club.

I personally have 3 servers hosted and over 150 domains registered through GoDaddy.com and while they are a sponsor here I pay for those products just like everyone else does. I do not look forward to an increase in renewal fees that will likely result from the underhanded actions of ICANN and Verisign.

I do applaud GoDaddy on their efforts today and I am very proud to be representing their product line. It is a company that truly stands behind there product and goes the extra mile to make sure that their customers are satisfied.

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