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I cannot imagine the agony the customers of Dreamhost have had to deal with in the month of July, but when you read the story of the saga that unfolded over there I don’t think the staff got much sleep either. I know that I am spending extra money every month for a just in case, and we think we are covered if the worse happens but what has happened to these folks will really make you sit up and think a bit about your backup strategy. [Dreamhost]

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2 thoughts on “An amazing blog post from Dreamhost

  1. With all of the problems that they experienced, my sites only went down for a total of about 3 hours, one day. When I read through the page explaining their “large troubles” over the past three weeks, I actually got the feeling that I wasn’t paying them enough money.

    For the packages they provide, I would be paying more than twice as much at any other hosting company. For Dreamhost to be so transparent with the problems that they’ve been having is also very encouraging. I’ve “never” seen another hosting company be this “public” with their problems.

    I’ll be upgrading and paying for another full year with Dreamhost, as soon as I can.

  2. Your telling me… I have been wondering what the heck was going on there. I am using them and have been since December. During all of these problems I have debated swtiching becuase they started acting like my old host, but now I can understand the problems and I will wait out the storm. I know this isn’t good for a person trying to get more listeners, but with technology… problems happen.

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