Jason Calacanis is asking for it

Jason Calacanis is a very brave man. He is asking anyone who reads his blog to send him mp3 files from the AOL cancellation center. Moreover, he is going to post those files on his own blog and then go through them and say what AOL did wrong and what they did right. He either really believes that “the call” was not a typical experience or he really wants to turn the company around. It will be interesting to see how this ends up.

Yes, I will publish your AOL call center MP3s here. – The Jason Calacanis Weblog

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One thought on “Jason Calacanis is asking for it

  1. What’s most interesting about this, is the fact that this could possibly cause even “more” people to cancel their accounts with AOL (not nessecarily a bad thing). In effect, he’s asking people to stop using his company’s service, in an effort to “try to be a better company”.

    Just imagine the backlash if Scoble would have tried something like this. Let’s say there was a problem with Windows locking down hard drives after being installed, so that when people wanted to switch to Linux, they wouldn’t be able to. If Scoble would have asked for this kind of feedback, tons of people would start un-installing Windows (not nesecarily a bad thing). Would Microsoft have had a problem with this?

    I can’t imagine that AOL is too happy with one of their own people asking people to leave their service and send in MP3 files of the cancellation call.

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