Advertising on Eggs and the Front Page of Newspapers!

So you get up on a Sunday morning go grab a newspaper and what do you see on the front page, a big huge advertisement disgusted you throw it in the trash. Having your tranquil morning interrupted you decide to cook some eggs. As you open the egg carton you notice the eggs have a mark on them. Pulling one out of the container you stare at a CBS logo on the egg with their domain name emblazed below it. You think to yourself I just paid someone good money to put ads on my food and the single most sacred page of a news paper now has a advertisement on it.

I’m a commercial type of guy and realize we live in a commercial world, but this is getting ridiculous. If I buy any of those eggs with CBS imprints on them. I am going to go down to the local CBS affiliate, demand a refund of the cost of the eggs after all if I am going to be forced to be exposed to a commercial on my food then they can pay for the eggs themselves.

I might as well get something out of my attention correct! If the newspaper that I barely scan as it is puts ads on the front page, I am going to unsubscribe. It’s time that the media figure out that in your face crap is not going to work anymore. [Eggs] [Techme]

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