Will Microsoft loose the desktop because of Trojans

Anyone that has used a Windows has probably had to deal with a virus or two from time to time. Not to mention Spyware and Viruses. The question that is growing will Microsoft loose the desktop to Apple, just because they cannot get their act together and make the operating system secure?

We all know that with 97% market penetration Windows is not going anywhere anytime soon as people have to much invested in software. In my opinion the only way Apple can really impact pre-existing windows users is to continue to add great applications to it’s default system load.

But doing the math to me it still is not worth it, but that gap is narrowing. Unless Microsoft gets very serious about the rising tide of security issues it faces a certain falling out with their dedicated base. All it is gonna take is for someone to come up with a exploit that kills millions of machines. And when I say kill them I mean deleting mass amounts of personal data that can not be replaced unless backed up. [BBC]

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