MPAA is charged with hiring a Hacker!

As you all know the MPAA sued some time ago but it is being alleged that the MPAA paid a hacker $15,000 to steal information from the company which supposedly included e-mail and company trade secrets. If these allegations prove to be true this could turn out to be a pretty big deal of corporate espionage of the worst kind. Collecting information then using that information to sue the company. I am not a lawyer but it looks like to me that if this proves to be true that the MPAA will have some explaining to do and may be in some pretty hot wire.

A attorney for said: “We have very significant proof of wrongdoing and the MPAA’s involvement,” Rothken said. “We think it’s ironic for the MPAA to claim that they are protecting the rights of the movie studios and then go out and pirate other people’s property.”

From Cnet: “One MPAA executive is quoted in Torrentspy’s lawsuit as saying: “We don’t care how you get it,” referring to the alleged assignment to dig up information on Torrentspy. ”

Either way this is gonna get very ugly in the process. [CNET]

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