More TypePad updates NOTHING for MovableType!

I am about done with SixApart, I see more product enhancement announcements for TypePad, and yet nothing not a thing for MovableType, it is very obvious that MovableType has become abandonware

Personally I’m sick of waiting all the while the WordPress folks are out innovating them hands down.. Every major tool that has been released recently for bloggers is on WordPress. Effective immediately I will not recommend nor will I run any of our new sites coming online with MovableType period. This company has lost there way and is loosing there base.

I have raised the question in here several time in the past few months on what is going on yet they do nothing. It makes me mad it really does, I have advocated for this product for a long time. I think it’s high time their investors understand that they have very effectively destroyed the base of support for the product!

I go on the hunt now for a developer that can convert this site into a WordPress site.

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One thought on “More TypePad updates NOTHING for MovableType!

  1. I can understand the desire to update and upgrade something like Movable Type. As tech users, we are used to the fresh and new, and it feels unnatural to be using the same version number now that we used a year ago. However, there’s something to be said about having a stable platform.

    I have to ask, what sort of innovations are you looking for to be included in version 3.3 of the base program? What do we need that hasn’t already been supplied as a plugin? The fact that a number of programs are updated frequently is a sign that the programs are flawed, and need patches to get them to work the way they should have worked from the very beginning. Movable Type 3.2 is a very stable program, in my opinion, robust with features, and solid in stopping spam (at least, in my experience). Some could argue: how do you improve on (near) perfection?

    On the other hand, I am impressed with WordPress, the passion of its members, and the fact that it’s open source is a definite advantage. I won’t be switching, however, because changing over will mean the fourth time I’ve had to rebuild my internal links, and I am leery of the prospect of re-learning the template structure.

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