Newspapers want to stop Sites from aggregating content!

It seems the publishing industry is getting a little touchy on having their news stories aggregated on other networks. They just don’t get it do they, many times I will be at Google News and find something that interest me and click through to the original article. I would have never found the article in the first place had someone not aggregated it. They think they are loosing money over aggregated content, I don’t think so.

In fact being the New York Times hides their articles sometimes only days after they come out behind a subscription service. I rarely link to them because I know that a month from now when someone finds my article via a search engine and try to click through they will likely run into a login page, and guess what most will never proceed further.

This is a battle of epic proportions and when they realize that the landscape is changing they better change with it and make it more compelling for me to visit in the main site in the first place instead of having the same old biased garbage on the front page. [Reuters]

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  1. ahh but saves the day for news rego sites. I dont agree with all the sites that it stores logins for but when you just want to read a quick news article without the need for rego it saves sooo much time :)

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