WordPress another step backwards!

I feel somewhat vindicated that now someone else realizes that their are some serious shortcomings in the template managemnet of WordPress. It is no surprise that most WordPress sites look the same, the reason why is within the linked post. We are running WordPress on the RawVoice.com site and I absolutely hate it, don’t worry wont be long and it will be replaced with something that is a little more blogger friendly. [Scripting News]

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2 thoughts on “WordPress another step backwards!

  1. Uggh – as a recent WordPress convertee, I have to take exception with the article quoted! It’s just plain WRONG.
    Dave Winer is on WordPress.com which is NOT the standard WordPress!
    His complaint is “….I noticed that WordPress doesn’t even give the user a way to edit their site template.”
    That ONLY applies to WordPress.com….
    All owner installed WordPress is FULLY customizable and INCLUDE a template editor within the control panel.
    In fact it IS easy to modify the look/design if you want too… Many people don’t bother I know – but after all – it is a Blogging tool and CONTENT is the issue.
    My 2 cents :-)


  2. Wow, this is something I’ve never heard about WordPress before.

    I actually work with two other fellas making custom WordPress templates. I’ve seen our coder do some pretty amazing stuff. This past weekend, I finished a WordPress template that is being viewed on a PSP. Design wise, you can make WordPress appear how ever you would like. (http://inksmith.org) All 10 of us use WordPress for our sites, all 10 look COMPLETELY different.

    My point of the post is, yes, a lot of WordPress blogs look the same. This is because the owners do not take the time to make them different. That is not the fault of the software.


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