Hollywood Studios Fair Use Public Enemy Number One

I hate to say it but here we go again. Hollywood has fielded some new legislation that makes the broadcast flag initiative look insignificant. From BoingBoing I read the following and my jaw hit the floor

“Under a new proposed Analog Hole bill, it will be illegal to make anything capable of digitizing video unless it either has all its outputs approved by the Hollywood studios, or is closed-source, proprietary and tamper-resistant. The idea is to make it impossible to create an MPEG from a video signal unless Hollywood approves it. ”

The details of what the want are beyond shocking they are Anti American, Anti Business, Anti Technology and all about control. The MPAA wants to control you, what you watch, what you record and what you backup in such a controlled way that the American public will likely have to spend billions of dollars to access and copy materials they have already paid for.

I agree with the BoingBoing article that any legislature that moves on this is an idiot. Only a lawyer firms who are getting paid millions by the MPAA could have thought up this monster. [BoingBoing]

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