MovableType version 3.2 an trackbacks!

Well seems SixApart did a pretty good job in their trackback and comment spam implementation but now they need a way for us to run a cron job or something to kill the trackback entries from driving my database size thru the roof. In less than 24 hours the systems has about 8000 junk trackback entries that it has flagged as Junk Trackbacks. This is still ridiculous and I wonder how much bandwidth this is costing me from the pounding my server is getting. I can only delete them 20 at a time via the interface I have delete junk to 1 which is 1 day.

How about a option to kill it within hours versus days.

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2 thoughts on “MovableType version 3.2 an trackbacks!

  1. I’ve decided to go with WordPress since it’s free for as many authors as I want, and I’m strapped for cash. Also, it supports enclosures without having to hack any files to support enclosures.

  2. Todd,
    this is VERY disturbing! I am actually looking at Movable type myself – primarily because it seems to work so well here!
    Would appreciate it if you can keep us updated.

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