Microsoft rumored to be making major Podcasting announcement at Gnomedex

NOTICE: I see a lot of people going to Gnomedex have picked up on this OLD entry.. Please notice the date of June 2nd, since that time Chris P announced Dean Hachamovitch from Microsoft being a Keynoter. I am thinking if any announcement is to be made he will be the one making it?

A little bird told me tonight that their is major rumors being spread by the Microsoft elite that their will be a major podcast related announcement by Microsoft and maybe even Bill Gates himself at Gnomedex.

Keep the tips coming people and if this one proves to be true, I am going to be in the Gnomedex house watching it go down live. I may even work a deal with some of partners to make that event a live one!

This is going to be a great event and I even hear Google is putting on a party so if all goes well we will get to put a microphone in front of some important people. Plus I am taking bunch of books to give away. If your going to be at Gnomedex lets hook up the night before as I fly in the day before the event kicks off.


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