T-Mobile Screwing Blackberry Customers

I got an urgent e-mail today from a dedicated reader and I want to share the information he passed to me. Be sure to check out the complete story on his website.

“Todd-I’m currently covering how T-Mobile has cut off Blackberry users from full Internet access on one of my sites:


Basically, they’ve stripped paying customers of service that used to work just fine, with no notice or explanation. In fact, they’ve admitted that they didn’t intend to affect Blackberry users this way.

But a month later, nothing has changed. Most companies don’t understand how important blogs and web opinion have become. They’re pretty clueless (Kryptonite, etc.). But I know that there is power in the community of bloggers and writers to get things done.”

Go read the full story and if you can help out drop a link to his site. If your a Blackberry user then get out their and complain to T-Mobile. As I have dealt with T-Mobile quite a bit you have to work through about 4 levels of Customer service before you can get to someone that has a clue. Good Hunting. [www.tinyscreenfuls.com]

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