PS2 shortage good for Xbox!

I was finally able to score a PS2 for my kid who got one for his birthday this month. I give credit to my wife who called Costco every morning to find out if they were in. What amazed me is when they did get them in they only received 30 and we raced to the store. Luckily she got their just as they were being put on the floor. As she was picking it up almost 10 other customers did the same. Costco sold out of a shipment of PS2’s that they had been waiting on for 3 weeks in less than 10 minutes. Think about that for a second Costco only got 30. They have 3 outlets here in Hawaii. Now everywhere else we have been the shelves have been bare. Their is no shortage of Xbox’s and I see a lot of forlorn faces buying them instead of PS2. I asked a manager at circuit city what the deal was and he was quite angry that Sony did not have their act together. It was their #1 demand item and he had not had a single unit in 3 weeks. Yes folks their is a serious shortage of PS2 consoles. [The Register]

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