CNET the owner of MP3.COM set to destroy archive

It is very sad that MP3.COm content is going to be destroyed the works of thousands of bands and largely unknown artist. On December 2nd all informations will be “del *.*” They have sent out notices to all site owners get your stuff of the site because if you do not it is going to bit bucket heaven.

This is a absolute tragedy and the least they could do after they have acquired some of the best .com domain names on the net is setup a alternate site and move the data to that site. Even if the re-designed the current site to allow the content to be accessed while they also launch there music sales site. [The Register] [P2PNet] [Slashdot]

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2 thoughts on “CNET the owner of MP3.COM set to destroy archive

  1. Apparently the owner of is stepping up to the plate and attempting to mirror the 5 terabytes of information currently on Not sure if he’s doing it with or without the permission of’s new owners.

  2. Hey did you BOTHER to read the storys you point to? I only ask becasue well… Cnet isn’t the one doing a “rm -rf *” but the current owner Verndi… oh yea thats a minor detail.

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