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Yurbuds Ironman Series Earphones

Yurbuds Spring is coming, which means a lot of walking outside. I like to listen to music or podcasts when I am walking. The problem I have is my ears get sweaty and when they do I have trouble keeping most earphones in. I could wear over the ear headphones, but then I can’t hear what is happening around me and since I have to walk on the side of the road that could be dangerous. When I try to wear most ear buds they are constantly falling out as I am walking. Which means I am continually trying to stick them back in or they end up dangling down in front of me and I can’t hear the music. Either way it is very frustrating. I wanted to try to find a solution for this problem before the spring weather comes into full swing and I think I have.

Yurbuds slogan is “Developed by Athletes for Athlete” and according to the box they are guaranteed to never fall out. They come in a small box and inside the box are the headphones , a small carrying case and a card with instruction on them. The earphones are kidney-shaped and fit snugly inside the ear and then “lock in”. The hardest part is getting them in right, which is key to them not falling out. Once they are in they stay in. I wore them walking on the first warm day of spring and although I was sweating they didn’t fall out. The true test though will come in the summer when it is humid and its 80 degrees, while I am walking. My other complaint is the fact that the cords do get tangled up if you just throw them in your pocket.

The earphone are made of a soft silicon and they feel very comfortable in my ear. The audio sounds fine. I was listening to a workout music playlist from Songza and the bass beat was good, not great but good. The upper and middle tones sound fine. If you keep the volume down to a reasonable level you can hear what is going on around you, which I appreciate. Overall I am happy at this point that I purchased Yurbuds Ironman Series.

Yurbuds, Ear Buds for the Athlete

Yurbuds Most people like to listen to music while exercising. The first thing you learn when you start exercising is that your ears sweat and most headphones don’t stay in sweaty ears. There is nothing more frustrating than having your ear buds constantly falling out, while exercising.

The company Yurbuds understands this frustration, they are athletes who make products for athletes. Their newest product is the Yurbuds Ironman Series. The Ironman Series Yurbuds are ear buds specifically designed for the athlete who carries an iPhone or iPod Touch. There is a three button control on the center Y which allows you move forward and backward through tracks, control the volume, and answer calls. On the other side of the Y is the microphone. What really makes the Yurbuds special are their proprietary twist and lock technology. Place the ear buds in your ear twist and lock them in place. Now no matter how much you sweat or it rains they will not come out. They are made of a medical grade silicon, so once they are locked into the ear they are very comfortable. They have a great sound quality, the speakers in the ear buds are tuned with the drivers and sound tunnel. The speakers in the ear buds are protected by their ergonomic design. You can remove the silicon cover and clean them with a little soap and water.

There is a life time guarantee on the product for damage done by sweat or rain. The Ironman Inspired earbuds cost $59.99 and are available through the Web site and various retailers including Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Apple and Target. Whether you are a world-class triathlete or a weekend runner Yurbuds were made for you.

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Tech Podcast Network Live Show at NBC Universal during CES 2010!

The team from the Tech Podcast Network which include your humble host, had our first live streamed event from the NBC Universal booth at CES 2010. We had 6 guest on the show, introducing some very cool products and services. The live streamed event from NBC Universal was unique in that our friends at NBCU allowed our team access to their main stage.

Well over 8500 people watched the show as it was being streamed live. The support from NBC Universal staff was remarkable. We hope that you will enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed putting it on for you. Big thank you to Sharp for sponsoring “The Blogger Lounge” and make sure you remember to watch the Olympics on NBC Universal this winter in Vancouver.

In this episode we have a sneak peak at the Red Scarlett Camera. Along with the new Yeti from Blue Mic, GPS Maplock, YurBuds Earphones, Connectify, Makerbot
We did a second live stream from NBC Universal on Sunday January 10th as well.