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Optrix Unveil the XD5 at CES 2013

If you like to film outdoor events and your iPhone 5 has become your favorite go to video camera then you may be interested in the Optrix XD5.  Optrix introduces the XD5 the world’s most rugged iPhone 5 case with a wide angle lens at CES 2013. The XD5 case is thinner, lighter and stronger than the XD Sport case, with an even higher waterproof rating. It has an interchangeable lens system, which can be removed from the mounting system. The XD5 comes with:

  1.  a drop rating of 15ft compared to 2Ft for an average case.
  2. a door that lets you easily access the charging port and plug-in headphones
  3. all glass, three element wide-angle lens
  4. is waterproof up to 15ft (with the door close)
  5. A rail mount system that the XD5 can easily slide in and then mount to almost anything you can think of.
  6. remove from the mount and you have a rugged case you can carry with you anywhere

The XD5 is currently available for pre-order on the Optrix site for $129.95 and will ships February 5. If you are CES 2013 you can view the XD5 and other Optrix products at their booth in the North Hall 3337.