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Video of Tim Cook and Apple Legal Team During Surface Announcement

Yesterday Microsoft held their mysterious event and unveiled the Windows Surface Tablets – both Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT versions.  It was a rare time for Microsoft – the pre and post-announcement created Apple-like buzz.  Fitting since the new tablets are expected to compete with Apple and Android in the marketplace.

Of course, rivals Apple and Google were watching this event closely and already planning their responses to this new device.  A new iPad is likely still a ways off, but Google is set to release their much-anticipated Nexus tablet, made by Asus, within the next month.  There also may be legal responses given today’s patent-happy tech industry.  In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his legal team watched the Microsoft announcement especially closely.

Fortunately the folks at WinSource were able to get video and audio of Cook and his lawyers during the LA event.  They have posted the clip online and you can watch and listen below.  If you can’t catch all of the audio then head over to their site where they have also posted a transcript of the conversation.