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GNC-2009-10-05 #517 Live from Washington DC

One of my better road shows in a while hope you agree. My combat nap that I took once arriving in DC on the Red Eye really helped. Lots of ground covered in this show. Comments can always be sent to the voicemail hotline at +1-619-342-7365 and comments emailed to geeknews@gmail.com. Question how many would like a special extended version advertising free premium version each episode?

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Carl Sagan

Show Links:
Ooma Telo
Cool Led Lights for Geeks!
New Dell Orders get Windows 7
FTC to Bloggers 100% Disclosure or Fine!
Vonage for iPhone and Blackberry
Government Ban on P2P Legislated?
Psystar to License boot Utility for OSX Adoption!
Google Refines Search Capability!
Republicans road block Net Neutrality?
Mac and PC’s in same households “Gasp”!
AVG 9.0 released!
Will Pirate Bay survive Google De-Listing?
Private Space Enterprise heats up!
Two Space Tourist at a Time to ISS in 2012
Apple Mistakes Food Store Logo for Tech Store Logo?
Sad Copyright Tale!
10 WordPress Plugins your Mileage will Vary.
Flash 10.1 Universal Mobile Format?
Adobe Flash and iPhone.
iPhone Apps and Adobe Flash debut!
Fountain of Youth in Chromosomes?
Freedom of Speech and Assembly trampled!
100,000 Hotmail accounts Hacked!
Mobile Broadband stretched to breaking point!
Super Smart – Smart Meters for UK Homes!
Hollywood on Pirate Bay war path!
Proxy Servers get around regional website blocks!
Windows Mobile 6.5 Marketplace Open!
How Google deals with Spam on Websites!
Twitter Re-Tweet Thumbs Up – Facebook Share Thumbs Down!
Federal Register website re-vamped!

GNC-2009-05-15 #477 Monster Show Longest of the Year

Monster Show tonight longest of the year audio comments and e-mails are flooding in keep it up. Voice Mail hotline is +1-619-342-7365 or email geeknews@gmail.com. Apologies on the last shows Audio it is squared away tonight. Jet Lag got the best of me on the last podcast! Huge tech line up tonight, I am still on the road..

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1,000,000 dollar T-Shirt on Ebay
MAC Update causes headaches
Shuttle Minor Damage

Show Topic Notes:
Cyberwarfare with China
Real Takes the Battle to the DVD Copy Association
FCC to run DTV test on May 21st
Sweden Government comes collecting to Pirate Bay
Boxee write up in Business Week
Gmail makes it easy to move from AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo!
Google Outage causes panic!
Fake Windows 7 Infected with Botnet
Space Debris misses Shuttle
HP Laptop Battery Recall!
Are you a Metal Gear Fan?
iPhone Slingplayer debate continues
Windows Mobile 7 Requirements
Will Hubble Replacement Match Up?
Clear to Launch in Atlanta Next Month!
The air is full of Drugs
Artist to get Paid by Radio
Three Strikes for everyone…
AT&T Network is Saturated whimper whimper.
Reporter should Loose cell phone like a child
Programmers that care about Users keep application size down!
Create your own Social Media Page
Bye Bye TechMeme
Amazon MP3 worth checking out.
Senate Blew it in Credit Card reform. No Guts
New Progress to ISS
Rover Stuck in the mud!
Hubble Spacewalk #1 so far so good!
Want to buy some Moon Junk?

GNC-2009-02-17 #452 I cover a wide assortment of Tech Tonight

Some new initiatives announced early in the show where I will be offering some for pay podcast consulting to 10 podcasters for the first 6 months. Lots of tech and I talk about my upcoming travel schedule.

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Show Notes:
Windows Mobile 6.5
Pirate Bay Inquisition has begun.
Synthetic Life from DNA
Electric Car Battery Wars
Delete Painful Memories?
Aliens in Contaminated Rivers?
Why Legislate Digital Devices in Schools?
Do you need a Converter?
STS-119 Delayed
Size of Universe
Non Tech (New Beer Tax)
Ten NASA Achievements
Google Analytics Tutorials
Canadians Watch out!
Michelin’s e-wheel
Windows Mobile 6.5 Review
Lego Mindstorms feedback wanted!
Picking a wireless Provider
Clickball a new Hyperlink Sharing Application
Twitter Groups
Blog Twitter Response Stream
Sony Vaio P (Bad Review)
Adobe Flash for Smartphones!
Apple says Jailbreaking iPhone is illegal!
Fireball in Texas Sky
Twitter + Enterprise is a Must!
Tips on Linked In for Job Hunters.
Nokia introduces Thinner SmartPhones