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WildStar is Holding a Community Showdown Contest

WildStar is holding a contest called Community Showdown.  The contest is about a new feature in Homecoming (which arrives September 6, 2017). The new feature is called Communities.

You’ve invested impressive amounts of time and effort in designing rich, elegant living spaces to call home. And with Homecoming, you’ll at last have the ability to find neighbors who can move into properties right next door! Collaborate together to build a vibrant and bustling Community – a massively expanded housing social feature that affords players the cosmic opportunity to relocate their homes to shared land.

The Community Showdown launches on September 6, 2017, and lasts until 11:59pm PDT on October 4, 2017. Those who want to participate are to “construct the ultimate R&R facilities, with more than enough space for five battle-fatigued bodies to kick off the boots and unwind from the grind.” If you want to enter the contest, you must register via the contest page using your NC Account by September 20, 2017.

One Grand Prize Winning Team in each region will be awarded $2,500 (or €2.403,85) split equally among all members registered to the team on the contest site. You can have up to five members on your team. In addition, up to seven Honorable Mentions will be chosen across both North America and Europe, granting each registered team member the ability to claim any 10 items from the “Housing” section of the In-Game Store.

More information, and a link to the Official Contest Rules, can be found on the WildStar website.