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Going Postal in Second Life

The recent story about the lady who tried to kidnap her former boyfriend after a breakup is disturbing but I hope people don’t panic. The couple met in Second Life, the online virtual world. They actually met in person here in reality but broke up shortly afterward. The lady decided she was not ready to let go of this unlucky fellow so she went to get her man. She was armed with duct tape, a BB gun, a taser, her dog, and handcuffs. You can’t make this stuff up! Oh and she was a postal worker. Not that all crazy people work at the post office but the term “going postal” did not just get made up for no reason. I can’t wait to mention this story to my post office people who are really cool & nice people by the way.

I just do not want to see some moron talking head on the news (not that I watch the news), doing a special report on the dangers of Second Life & online socializing. It will be made a big deal just because it is internet related and unusual. The definition of news is something new & unusual. They don’t show people interacting with each other civilized on the nightly news because that is overwhelmingly normal. They show the small percentage of knuckleheads acting like fools. Being in a relationship online is no different than being in one in the real world. You can never be sure you are not dating a psycho unless you are with them 24 hours a day. If you want to be with someone 24 hours a day you may be in fact a psycho. There are always crazy people out there so online weirdos are bound to pop up now and then. Just be careful who you are talking to online. Use common sense and don’t let the mainstream news scare you with fear tactics. Oh and don’t support politicians who propose ridiculous regulations to stop incidents like this. It is already illegal to kidnap people so there is no need for additional laws in this case.