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Canon Vixia R Series of Camcorders

Cannon Jeffery Power spoke to Ben of Canon at the Digital Experience Booth. They talked about the Canon new R series of video cameras. They are part of the Vixia line. What makes this line special is you can connect them to your smart phone by Wi-fi. There are several apps that you can use, the first is Camera Access. It works on either iPhone or Android. It allows you to stream live from the camera to your phone. You can use it to control your camera from the phone. Another app is called Movie Uploader App which lets you upload your video to your favorite video sharing site. The Movie Uploader App is iOs only.

The R series has the latest image sensor built-in. There are 3 models in this series. The low end HF R30 has 8 gb of built-in memory plus a card slot. The high-end model, the Vixia HF R42 has 32 gb built-in memory with a card slot. The high-end model HF R42 suggested retail price is $499 and the HF R30 suggestive retail price is $399.00. There is also the HF R32 which is a flash camcorder. It’s suggested retail price is $499.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine.

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