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iSpO2 by Masimo

iSpO2 If you are a mountain climber, private pilot or hiker  you know how important it is to make sure you are acclimated to your environment. Not being acclimated can lead to altitude sickness or High Altitude Pulmonary Edema These situations can lead to serious injures and even death. Taking accurate measurements of vitals can help to prevent these situations. That is the idea behind the iSpO2 by Masimo.

The iSpO2 is a Pulse oximeter. It measures pulse rate, oxygen saturation and perfusion index. Pulse Rate is the number heartbeats per minute. Oxygen saturation is the measurement of amount of oxygen in the blood, the higher the saturation the more oxygen in the blood. Perfusion index measures the amount of blood flow into extremities such as fingers. This is the first product for the consumer market made by Masimo, which has a long history in the professional market.

The product consists of a cable and sensor. The sensor attaches to your finger and takes the measurements, which are then sent to the app. Right now the app is available on iOs only although they are working on an Android app. The app shows readings and graphs which can be used to monitor trends over time. You can also email the information. The iSpO2 is currently available through Amazon for $249.00

Interview by Jamie Davis of the MedicCast and the Health Tech Weekly

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