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UB+ Modular Speakers at CES 2016

UB+ modular speakersUB+ is a newly launched audio brand. They will be showcasing their existing modular speaker products, and unveiling their latest range of new products, at CES 2016.

UB+ is the maker of the award winning UB+ Eupho portable Bluetooth speaker and the UB+ Eupho Brave expansion casing. The UB+ Eupho Brave casing is made from solid ash, and can integrate 6 UB+ Eupho speakers.

Users can easily switch between large and small speakers. They can enjoy UB+ Eupho Brave as a sounder to complement their TV. Remove one UB+ Eupho speaker from the casing and take it with you when you go out to enjoy awesome music on the go.

In addition, UB+ Eupho will unveil their latest range of products that also make use of the modular speaker concept. UB+ EuphoXL is a speaker module that is designed to fit with other products easily. It allows designers from different fields to fuse high quality sound elements into any design even without having prior acoustic knowledge.

Visit UB+ at the Venetian Suites booth 31-315 at CES 2016.