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Really Strong PalmOS Security

Tranzoa has released an updated version of it’s security application for PalmOS: OnlyMe. The new version works with PalmOS version 5 and all previous versions of the simple-to-use operating system.

OnlyMe stops people from trying one password after another. By preventing these brute force hacks the user can create a shorter, easier-to-remember password that would otherwise be required. In addition, OnlyMe stops incoming beams and unauthorized HotSyncs (both cabled or network).

The security app also locks the handheld after a set time or when powered off, preventing the user from accidentally forgetting to lock the system.

Passwords can be entered as screen taps, Graffiti (letters, digits, or both), or hardware buttons.

Dave’s Opinion
I’ve been using OnlyMe since the late 90s, and I just upgraded to the current version. It’s just as great as the previous versions. The interface hasn’t changed, so there was no learning curve, just install and go. I’ve tried a number of security apps on my various PalmOS handhelds, and OnlyMe is the only one that gives me a degree of comfort. I strongly recommend this application for all users who have a PalmOS handheld.

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