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CES 2010 Tech Podcast Network Announcement!

Todd walks us through what to expect next week from the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. You will want to subscribe to my Special Media Feed to get all of the content we put out over the coming weeks.

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GNC-2009-12-31 #540 Two Special Guests

It’s the end of the year and I bring on two special guests to have a chat. I hope you enjoy the show. Programming note, You will find links to the Special Media Feed, and iTunes subscription link below this is where 99% of the 2010 CES coverage is going to be placed, “subscribe to that feed today”.

CES Coverage / Podcast Media Schedule for next week:
Regular Podcast Feed Content

  • Jan 4 Regular Show (From Vegas)
  • Jan 5-10 CES Daily Wrap Up Shows
  • Jan 11 Regular Show (From Vegas)

Special Media Feed Special Media iTunes Link (Subscribe)

  • Jan 5-10th Variety of Interviews and Content from CES

Home Page of Geek News Central Starting 1-5

  • Live Ustream.TV Video when Online
  • Tech Podcast Network Primary Channel (Video)
  • Tech Podcast Network Back Channel (Video)

NBC Universal Special Streaming Event (Schedule)
Location GNC Home Page

  • Saturday January 9th @ 5PM Pacific
  • Sunday January 10th @ 12PM Pacific

Important Note you will want to make sure you are synchronizing to the feed at a minimum of daily. Failure to do so and you will miss content!

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2010 GNC CES Coverage and NBC Universal!

On Sunday I fly out to Las Vegas to meet our team of 9, made up of 3 show hosts, and 6 support staff to begin our 2010 coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show representing the Tech Podcasts Network.

Like years in the past, we will have a daily wrap up show, that will cover the best of CES, and feature our pick of the day. Leading up to the show and throughout the show we will do over 150 video interviews of all the coolest consumer electronics that will be posted here at Geek News Central.

New this year, Our good friends over at NBC Universal have allotted us time to stream a live event from their main stage on Saturday January 9th at 5pm Pacific and Sunday January 10th at 12pm Pacific. We will be introducing a variety of companies and products during that special event. We hope that you will tune in here at Geek News Central for not only the live events but also our full breadth of coverage.

Additionally we will be streaming some of the events and content we record here at Geek News Central as well. You will want to keep your browser locked to GNC starting Tuesday January 5th when we kick off our coverage.

Your 2010 TPN CES Team includes Andy McCaskey from SDRNews, Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine, and Todd Cochrane from Geek News Central

Mark your calendars today!