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GNC-2008-01-07SP #331 Special Edition

Geek News Central Podcast has been named by Podcast.com in their “Top 10 Podcasts of the Year” Award for 2007. Geek News Central is one of only three podcast on the awards list, listed as an “independent podcast”. More Info Below

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I am very proud to accept this award, it is largely my listening audience that makes the show great, they are all part of my Ohana (Family). I have always strived to make the Geek News Central website, and podcast a great resource to go for information on Technology, Science and Podcasting. I work very hard to come up with informed opinions on topics I cover. My show is also a venue to get the word out on what we are doing at my company RawVoice. I have a team that works tirelessly to make sure that Podcast creators that we work with are treated fairly in the podcast business space.

I want to thank all of you for being such large supporters and thanks to the folks over at podcast.com for considering and awarding the show.