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Tricaster TCXD850 Control Surface Review

Since getting my TCXD850 Tricaster back in November, I knew that it was going to be awhile before the control surface for the 850 would be ready, and that operating the new Tricaster with only a mouse, keyboard and their older LC-11 controller was going to be a challenge.

The overload of control options needed to manage the system through the windows interface for a single operator that was also the host, was nearly impossible. Being my operation is largely a one man show, I could not wait to take delivery of the new control surface. Late this afternoon UPS delivered the new control surface, and I have spent the last five hours getting familiarized with all the features.

All I can really say is how did I make it 4 months without this. The form factor is a bit overwhelming as you can see from the image below that it consumes my studio desk.  Sometimes size does mater and in this instance Newtek has really delivered here in a big way. While the price of the controller will make you cringe the ease of managing the Tricaster is worth every penny.

The control surface is broken down into sections, Transitions, Media Player Control, Live Sets, Virtual Input Management, a positioner, record, and two huge sections used for control and organization of live set and standard non green screen views.

I caught my self saying wow a bunch of times, because in reality I have up to this point only used about 10% of the features of the system.  The best part is that I now have two teenagers that want to get behind the controls. Nothing like a lot of lights and switches to get someones juices flowing. If you are considering purchasing a Tricaster and go with the TCXD850, add the control surface to the purchase order, because you will be glad you ordered both. Take it from a guy that has been running one without the new controller for the past 4 months. Also let me know if you are about to pull the trigger on a Newtek product, I will get you hooked up with one of their Platinum Dealers.

I will be talking about the features and showing them off in my next show, so do not miss the next episode of the Geek News Central Podcast. If you want a tour of my entire studio click here.