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GoDaddy Website Tonight Special Offer

Want a website but really do not have the technical chops to build one. The folks at GoDaddy have a great product called, GoDaddy Website Tonight.  That will help people that are less technical enabling them to quickly launch an optimally designed website.

They have over 3,000 design and color combinations, with 120 pre-built websites they make it even easier select a style edit the text and graphics and you are ready to launch.

Here is the best part. The site pays for itself with the premium  account you get $100 Advertising Credits for Google®, $100 Bing™ / Yahoo!® Search Credit, $50 Advertising for Facebook®, 10 Fotolia Credits restrictions do apply on these credits so be sure to check the website disclaimers.

There is a great product overview and you can see actual websites designed within GoDaddy Website Tonight.

Note: What I really love about this product is with other GoDaddy services available you can integrate shopping carts and whole host of other services no longer do you have to pay someone thousands of dollars to design you a website.

Offer: 20% off WebSite Tonight plans (12 months or longer) Use Code Geek12
This promotion above expires on November 15th, 2011

Disclaimer: GoDaddy is a paid sponsor of this website. This website is hosted on a GoDaddy server which I pay for. All products that I endorse at GoDaddy are products that I have trialed and used and carry my personal recommendation.