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GNC-2008-11-11 #423 24hr Podcast Date Announced

The 24 Hour Podcast will be November 22nd and 23rd. If you want to be on the show or know of someone that should be on the event I need your help in filling the 24 hours with great content.

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Special Event. Go to this Link fill out info at Top of the Page, then in Local People section put “Todd Cochrane” “Best NewsCaster”” lets see if New Media can beat Old Media!

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Show Notes:
Wireless Security Detailed
Kuiper Belt Objects
Apple TV + Boxee = Cool
Bad Economy Pic
Tethering Concerns
How to – Any Video File to Playable DVD
AVG Antivirus Kills Good Windows FIle
Phoenix Lander is Dead!
Amazing Antarctica Pics my Fav #32
Blockbuster Set Top Box?
Internet Addiction Starts at 6 Hours Per Day?
Will you Miss Circuit City?
MGM to Post Full Length Vid on YouTube
Google Reader does Auto Translation
Indian Spacecraft in Lunar Orbit
Obama and FCC Possible Picks
Apple Outsource App Store Mgmt?
Seagate self encrypting laptop drives
Google fixes Android Bug
Nice Billboard Update

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