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Android Data Monitor for Sony Ericsson

With Verizon instituting data usage plans for all new users, and AT&T having already done so, it has become a sad fact of today’s mobile life that we all need to watch what we download, upload, and browse.  Of course, you can visit your account on your wireless provider’s site, and Verizon will be sending text messages to users to alert them to what they have used, but that doesn’t completely cover the user.

All mobile providers need to take responsibility for their choice to implement data usage limits, but it seems they are doing as little as possible to meet that goal.  In fact, it seems they are actively hoping users will exceed their plans and bring the provider a new revenue stream.  With that said, one phone manufacturer is stepping up to the plate.

If you have a Sony Ericsson phone, then the manufacturer has you covered with a newly-released app on its Android Market channel.  The Sony Ericsson Data Monitor app tracks mobile data consumption in both directions, and gives you the option to set an alert when your usage hits a certain level.  If you are on a monthly contract then you can set the counter to reset at the start of your billing period.

The bad new here is that you have to own a Sony Ericsson device, but hopefully other manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, and Motorola will take a queue from them and implement their own apps.  The app is available for free on the Android Market.