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GNC-2007-01-02 #229

Lots of great content to kick off the new year along with a run down of all the plans for CES. Next show I will cover some incentives for those that help us spread the word on the CES coverage.

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Show Topics (Non Exclusive)
Which Super Hero Are You?
CES Blogger Reception
MacBook Random Shutdown
Products that should exist
MSI Mega Player 529
AT&T Monopoly
Zune Vista
New Media Tools
Online Video Tools
WSJ – Apple – Jobs
Social Sites
Windows & Microsoft Stupidity cost them a User
Podcast Herald my Videocast
Thanks for the Shout out
Snow on Ebay
Mars Rovers
Gmail Bug Fixed
HD-DVD Hack Investigated
Check out the Check!
Gmail Storage
Small Mac Applications
Chicago UFO
Safeguard your Info
Top Torrent Sites
MacWorld Predictions
1000’s of Game Oldies
Picture of the Week!