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WooHoo Next Generation of Smart AI Assistants at CES 2018

There are a variety of hubs on the market for people who have Smart Homes. Those hubs are specialized to coordinate with the products that make up your IoT. You need another device if you want to make use of a digital assistant, a smartphone for calls, and a computer for games and music. SmartBeings puts all this together – and more – in WooHoo.

Don spoke with Joe from SmartBeings at CES 2018. WooHoo is the first truly artificial intelligence smart home hub. It is the next generation of AI assistants. The device can identify users by facial recognitions through its HD cameras, and through voice authentication based on voice print. This allows WooHoo to differentiate between users.

The camera has motion sensors that will allow it to turn 360° to face a user that is behind it. It also has an infrared camera inside it for low light situations. The devices knows who you are based on information stored within the device.

WooHoo also has a smart hub inside it what has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigby, and Z-Wave. It also has 4G LTE. You can hook up your HDMI TV to WooHoo. It is also possible to surf the internet on Woohoo. You can communicate with WooHoo verbally (like you would with other digital assistants), through its dashboard, or with a gesture.

WooHoo will be on the market in April of 2018. You will be able to purchase it through a telco.

Don Baine is the Gadget Professor and gives lectures at TheGadgetProfessor.com

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SmartBeings and HARMAN Partner on WooHoo Digital Home Assistant at CES 2018

SmartBeings has entered into a partnership agreement with HARMAN International Industries to provide both the audio engineering and speaker design for WooHoo, the world’s first AI-based interactive, affordable smart home assistant.

The widely recognized global leader in connected technologies with deep audio heritage, HARMAN is developing a high quality JBL audio system for the WooHoo digital assistant. This will provide the WooHoo digital assistant with the ultimate level of sound and clarity regardless of whether the device is transmitting streaming video, music, podcasts, phone calls or responses to voice commands.

“Without question, clean, crisp audio is a critical part of the WooHoo user experience,” said SmartBeing’s Chief Digital and Marketing Officer Joseph Santos. “By partnering with a company as highly-regarded as HARMAN, WooHoo is poised to completely disrupt the IoT/smart homes genre relative to the audio quality of smart home devices.”

For HARMAN, their involvement serves to substantiate what industry experts and analysts see as a product certain to change the face of the digital home assistance category. “SmartBeings has taken an innovative and unique approach to home connectivity,” said Dave Rogers, HARMAN’s President of Lifestyle Audio SBU. “We are extremely excited to partner with SmartBeings to offer high quality JBL audio in the WooHoo digital assistant.”

Set for a worldwide launch in Q1 2018, the WooHoo digital assistant features both facial and voice recognition, a 360-degree rotating camera, and a full 7-inch screen that allows for more than just the usual commands found in most other smart home assistants.

SmartBeings is the winner of two CES Innovation Awards in the Smart Home and Accessible Tech Categories.

Visit SmartBeings at CES 2018 at the Eureka Marketplace at the Sands Expo booth # 51930