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GNC-2010-08-06 #599 Next One big 600!

Show 600 is right around the corner, we will have a lot of fun with the show, hope you will tune in. Have you checked out the show at Justin.tv/geeknews yet? Be sure to give it a listen and follow the show over their when you can. Headed to the west coast on Monday night so will be doing the show in the afternoon here. Lot’s of action here in Hawaii have something major league cooking details when I can.

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Insider / Ohana Links:
Cockroach Smasher Hawaiian Style.
A Bus above the Rest.

The Geek’s Show Links:
Convert iTouch into Phone!
Tivo Versus Windows 7 Media Center.
Verizon + Google + Net Neutrality = Something Smells!
FCC Half Secret Meetings.
Apple shocks Developer!
USB Power Strip.
Facebook Follies.
Rumor Insanity.
Amazing Space Photo!
Net by the Numbers.
We need our Twitter Fix.
Apple Try before you buy.
Digg Conspiracy!
129 Million Books and Counting.
200,000 Android Per Day!
Vonage Free calls to Facebook Friends.
14 Patches on Tuesday!
Cracking iPhone Passwords!
Two Spacewalks to fix ISS!
Android Wall Papers apps are Back!
UK says to Expensive to upgrade from IE 6.
Clear 4g Wifi HotSpot for Ios devices.
Jordan clamps down on Web browsing at work.
Ios Browser Hack!
Sezmi $4.99 TV!
Watch Dish TV on iPad.
Build Linux Media Center.\
Moon Core Dry Shell Wet!
1-10 Don’t take reward.
DIY Home Security?
SpaceX adding heavy lift capability.
Thunderbird 3.0 Junk!
Winston Churchill covered up UFO’s
Google wins big in Trademark Adsense case!
Next time check your clothes at Check in!
Bypassing Ticket Master!
Everyone has Something to Hide.
Never trust Messenger with 40 Billion on the line!
Google Firing Older People?

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GNC-2009-04-17 #469 Time Warner Smack Down

Time Warner did not have the guts to do the Interview, they are all scared of you folks but I have a lot of fun with the questions in the show. Should be good for a laugh for all, maybe not Time Warner. Actually I am surprised they have not shut off my Internet.

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Listener Links:
TWC Runs for the Hills
Helicopter Hotel is a Hoax
Massive Magazine Ad Sales Slowdown
Housing Economic Recovery Act of 2008 and Tax Implications for eCommerce
TWC Blinks Three Times
NYC Considering Blocking Chatty Cabbies’ Phones
News Corp. creates new unit to share content
New venture aims to introduce fees for online news
Twitter can make you immoral, claim scientists
TWC Customers leaving in droves

Show Notes:
New Atomic Clock not very Accurate ;)
Amazon locking out some Kindle users
TWC Runs home to Mama after getting beat down!
Watch out for stuff in your Car
Psystar still delivering PC’s
Nokia business down 90%
TWC PR Disaster o BW Caps
Do you blog Anonymously?
Facebook letting Users Decide TOS Fate
National Geographic Amazing Infinite Photograph
Have Mac – Used P2P – Probably Hacked
Apple Market Sales Down
Internet Sales Tax Maybe coming!
Beyond Stupidity on Dominoes Gag
Move Over User Generated Content on YouTube
IPO for Skype would love to buy some Stock
Those that Snoop get Snooped on!
Cobert gets a Treadmil :) ISS gets Tranquility
SSD Encrypted Drives
Digg retreats on Diggbar
AT&T will have to Pay Apple big to Stay Exclusive on iPhone
Proxy + Crime = Same Jail Time
Swiss ISP say No Logging
Pirate Bay Trial Verdict Today
I Don’t like those Odds 1-221 for for Hubble Mission
Google wants to play Advertiser with Twitter
Kepler begins search for Planets
A PC Users confessions on Mac Usage
NASA may get more Shuttle Money
Twitter Secret or maybe not so Secret announce today
An Idiots View on TWC – BW Caps
iPhone + WSJ = Free Content
Slingplayer iPhone App Approval in Trouble?