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Silentium Active Noise Cancellation

Silentium LogoSilence is golden and Silentium are working hard to achieve this with their active noise reduction technology. Andy and Don keep it down with Yossi Barath.

Silentium has developed an active noise reduction system that can be implemented in a single chip. The complex (and proprietary) algorithms programmed into the chip use noise cancellation (destructive interference) to reduce the amount of sound coming from a machine to make it quieter. Ventilation systems, air conditioners, computers and data centers are all examples of where Silentium’s system can be used to reduce the noise.

At CES, Silentium are releasing QB2, a headrest-embedded system which creates a bubble of quiet around a person’s head, perfect  for air travel or similar passenger situations. Generally, Silentium doesn’t produce products but sells its technology to other companies for inclusion in their own.

All sounds intriguing.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net, and Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.

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Silentium’s Quiet Bubble at CES 2012

If you are going to CES and especially if you are working CES the one thing that will be hard to find will be quiet time. This is where the Quiet Bubble by Silentium comes in. The Silentium technology reduces disturbing noise and captures ambient noise from the environment and cancels it out. Creating a quiet and peaceful bubble around the individual.

Silentium QB technology is based on their proprietary Zone to Zone Active Noise control. The noise control produces an opposing signal at the same amplitude but with the opposite plan as the intrusive noise, providing a significant reduction of noise level. The Silentium technology, QB1 used with a headset reduces the noise between 14dB(A)-23Db(A). A standard passive headset combined with Silentium’s active technology allows for noise reduction up to 30dB(A). The technology (QB2) can also be used without the aid of headphones. It reduces ambient noise 14dB(A) within an individual zone helping to reduce stress in a work environment. Silentium is already working with various OEM and ODM to reduce noise within industries such as HVAC, IT, automotive among others. As Silentium CEO Yossi Barath said, “Even short-term exposure to noise pollution reduces our ability to concentrate and communicate,” the Silentium technology works to reduce this noise.

Silentium will have booth 22046, in the South Hall lower level where they will be demonstrating its Active Noise Control. You can stop by the both and try it out. Sit and relax with headphones on you can experience a Quiet Bubble, a reprieve from the noise and tension of CES.