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Sigma Lens and Cameras

Sigma Sigma the maker of quality lens for DSLR cameras announced a new global vision. They are dividing their new lens into three lines, art, sports and contemporary. Sigma hopes that this will make it easier for the buyer to decide which lens would be best for them. The newest art category camera is the 35mm F1.4 which is approximately $899 retail. In the Contemporary Line there is the 17–70mm lens with a macro mod of 1–2.8 and optical stabilization. The 17–70mm lens has a light and compact design. Making it easy to carry, the perfect go to lens for someone on the go. The newest lens in the Sports Line is the 120–300mm lens for $3599. This lens is to be released in March. It has a 100 percent weather seal, making it perfect for taking pictures of sports events in in-climate weather. The 120–300mm lens has a USB dock which allows you to update the firmware in the lens. You can adjust auto focus sped and adjust the auto focus at different focus length.

Sigma also makes digital camera. The Sigma digital camera have a Foveon X3 sensor chip which helps to create a high-resolution image. The Sigma digital cameras start at $999.00

Sigma camera and lens have a unique finish to them. Once you know the look you can spot a Sigma product anywhere. Their composite body makes them lighter and tougher then most lens. They also produce photos that have a specific look, they are known for their punchier images.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network, and Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.

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