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Goodbye Geocities.

Yahoo announced over the weekend that Geocities will be phased out. Started by a small company out of Beverly Hills (That’s where I wanna be – Gimmie Gimmie), it became a very popular free service. Yahoo saw the opportunity and in 1999, they snagged this internet portal up for 4.7 billion.

Ever since, Geocities has gone downhill.

Part of it was not Yahoo’s fault – Geocities still required you to know a little HTML. The page builder got better with time, but ultimately sites like MySpace and Facebook showed people you didn’t need to know that icky code to make a web page.

Still, Yahoo did to Geocities what it does to all the other items it acquired in the last 10 years – buy it, pat it on the back and say “Have a nice day at school. When you get home, the TV will be on and ready for you”.

Yahoo’s ideals of how to handle their business just completely confounds me. Why don’t they try to put this up for sale? I bet with the right management, this program could get a new life.

The demise date is not set. Only mention of “Mid-year”. Hey, guess what? We ARE in Mid-Year. Oh well, there’s only one thing left to say…

“Hey Hey Hey – Goodbye!”