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Connected Wireless Speaker by Sharper Image

Sharper ImageWe all want to listen to music while we are in the kitchen or bathroom, but for most of us counter space is at a premium. Sharper image has a solution for this problem. At CES 2012 Steve Lee of Netcast Studio spoke with Don of Sharper Image about their newest product the connected wireless speaker. It takes up very little space and is designed specifically for the kitchen or bath. You can either plug it into any AC outlet or it also works through the installed lithium batteries. There is between 3-4 hours of playback time on a fully charged battery. Once it is plugged in or started it will connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled device including a smart phone or tablet. You can also take a call directly from the device with its built in microphone. It should be available in May or June for about $49.99 online at the Sharper image Web site or through various retailers. This should be a great product for the kitchen or bath.

Interview by Steve Lee of Netcast Studio

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Sharper Image Controls New Devices with Iphone CES 2010

The folks at Sharper Image have decided to start including iPhone applications with select devices that they will be selling through their online venues. When you purchase select devices from Sharper Image you will now also get a iPhone application with it.

The Applications will largely be used to control and program the appliance. This is quite novel you now have a truly integrated appliance that not only will connect to your iPhone but you will be able to control the appliance directly from the iPhone itself.

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