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Gazelle – Convert Your Unwanted Gadgets Into Money

Andy talks with Anthony Scarsella, Chief Gadgets Officer at Gazelle, purchasers of previously-enjoyed (second-hand) gadgets. Now over 4 year’s old, this is big business with over 250,000 gadgets models available for trade-in.

When compared to ebay or craigslist, Gazelle simply gives a superior customer experience. Free shipping is included, boxes are sometimes provided and there’s no question about whether the purchaser is reliable or not – payment is typically made in week or less. Gazelle provides an online chat where people can ask questions about models or condition.

Basically, there are three steps…first find your gadget on the Gazelle site and put in some information about condition and accessories. Gazelle will then make you an offer: if you accept, you ship the gadget to them. On receipt, Gazelle checks the gadget over and if it matches what you told them, they send you the money within 5-7 days. Easy-peasy.

Anthony reveals some of the economics of the market, including how sales of previous generation phones peak when new models are announced.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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