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McBride still after Linux Payday Despite Firing

So the latest SCO filings quietly stated that the man most linked to the long running SCO litigations, Darl McBride, was no longer with the company.  His role as CEO and president had been eliminated.  One might have thought that this was an indication that the other people in charge at SCO were cooling to the whole thing.  In case you are not aware, SCO is currently in bankruptcy in what is arguably a direct result of the litigious course they have followed.

This is not the case with McBride himself though.  He is still pushing for SCO to aggresively continue to try for a big payday from IBM.  He is using his shareholdings, and the backing of some other shareholders, with the objective of  “…putting together an alternative plan … that will ultimately get SCO its day in court.”  What this actually means is anyones guess at this stage, but McBride has a long history of grandios pronouncements.

It is hard to believe that this is still going on, or that McBride still actually believes that there is any chance that SCO is going to prevail in any way, or even that SCO has any shred of moral high ground in this case.  Having followed this case closely over the years there must be some severe self blinding going on here.  If there was any secret information that needed to come out, the time for it to come out passed 2-3 years ago.

As always, Groklaw has all the best dirt.

GNC-2007-08-14 #293

I discuss a very disturbing email I received and also cover some of the hurricane preparations here in Hawaii along with all of the usual Tech News

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