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Motorola Modular Power System at CES 2019

The Motorola Modular Power System is a new line of battery products being introduced by Schumacher Electric Company this week at CES 2019.

The new Motorola Modular Power System is built with patented Aluminum Lithium Ion Battery Technology, is designed to greatly improve conductivity and provide enhanced power in more extreme conditions. Motorola batteries provide a 50% increase performance when jump starting a car and perform up to 25% longer than lithium power cells.

The system includes:

* AC Power Module (model MT113), a 100W inverter to charge your laptop and other electronics on-the-go with standard AC power, USB, and USB Type C connectivity. Suggested retail price: $69.99.

* LED Lantern Light Module (model MT153), providing bright 500 lumen lighting with adjustable intensity and 360-degrees of light with a magnetic base and spring-hook carabiner clip. Suggested retail price: $69.99

* LED Torch Light Module (model MT071), with CREE 500 lumen LED lighting. Suggested retail price: $69.99.

* Jump Starter Module (models MT129 and MT130), with either a 4-cell Aluminum Lithium Ion 8,000 mAh battery rated for 500A Crank Amps and 1,000 Peak Amps to jump-start a car up to 25 times or a 12,000 mAh Aluminum Lithium Ion battery rated for 750A Crank Amps and 1,500A Peak Amps that can jump-start a car up to 30 times. Suggested retail price: $139.99 for model MT129 and $159.00 for the larger model MT130.

* Digital Air Compressor Module (model MT080), with 140 PSI to top off your tire pressure in one minute and including a flexible air hose and LCD display and LED area light. Suggested retail price: $69.99.

Also on display at CES is the Schumacher Portable Power Generator (model SL1404), a backup power system that can supply household electricity as an excellent alternative to a generator. It’s quiet and has no fumes or fuel, making it safe for indoor use.

An excellent source of emergency power, or to power a tailgate or campsite, the Portable Power Generator can run for 11 hours powering a table lamp, TV set, LED lights, a speaker and a laptop.

Built with Advanced Lithium Ion-powered battery cells, the Portable Power Generator has two 110V AC outlets and three USB outlets capable of powering a small refrigerator for almost 24 hours, keep a laptop running for more than four days, or even power a TV for an entire day.

As a power source, it could recharge a typical cell phone 70p times, recharge a laptop 17 times over. The unit also includes a bright LED light that can flash light that can flash an “S-O-S” signal. Suggested retail price of the Schumacher Portable Power Generator (Model SL 1404) is $1,299.

Visit the Schumacher Electric Corp. at CES 2019 LLVC, South Hall 4 #36143